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E Cigarettes Reduce the Effects of Smoking

By December 29, 2016E Cigarettes
E Cigarettes

You’ve probably heard a lot of great things, and some not-so great things, about e-cigarettes. Some studies show that they help smokers quit. Some say they contain nicotine, a carcinogen. Some say they offer more freedom. All of this is true, but as with anything else, it’s important to weight the costs versus the benefits of an activity. Does a tobacco free cigarette contain nicotine? Yes. But considering how many compounds traditional cigarettes contain–tar, arsenic, carbon monoxide, pesticides, and worse–you’ll find that any vapor cigarette is immediately safer than the alternative. Here are just a few reasons why e-cigarettes can reduce or eliminate several of the negative effects of smoking.

Stop unsightly personal habits thanks to vapor cigarettes

Nobody likes to talk about this, but it happens–and it’s yet another reason to go tobacco-free. Cigarettes=spitting. Your lungs don’t like the fact that you smoke, so they rebel. As a result, you’re faced with the uncomfortable choice of swallowing your smoke-induced phlegm or spitting it out. You might think this is a small price to pay for a nicotine fix, but your friends and family would probably disagree. Vapor cigarettes protect your lungs from smoke, meaning you won’t irritate your lungs at all by switching.

Keep your teeth whiter with e-cigarettes

Stains from nicotine are, sadly, very difficult to get rid of. Brushing your teeth after every cigarette can help prevent damage, but if you’re a long-term smoker, it will take more than that. While e cigarettes won’t do the job on their own, they will help to ensure your teeth don’t become any more stained. If you use a home or professional whitening system, you can be fairly confident that the results will stay in place even if you continue using vapor cigarettes

Reduce waste with electronic cigarette refill cartridges

Even if you aren’t one of those smokers who toss filters out their car windows, you have to acknowledge the impact smoking has on the environment. Tobacco production involves a great deal of pesticides (ironic, considering that nicotine itself is a pesticide), depletes the soil of nutrients, and contributes to deforestation due to the curing process. It’s a very labor intensive crop, which is why you should consider switching to refillable electronic cigarettes. Refill cartridges can be ordered in bulk and recycled, making vapor cigarettes a much more environmentally friendly, and budget friendly, solution.

E cigarettes don’t force to you inhale additives

The Department of Health and Human Services has approved 599 additives for cigarette production. Upon combustion, you create over 4,000 chemical compounds, many of which are proven carcinogens. Yes, nicotine might be your chief concern, but at least electronic cigarette refill cartridges let you track your intake of this compound. Cigarette packages don’t even tell you what they contain.