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E Cigarettes Are A Great Holiday Gift And Way To Start The New Year Healthy

By October 23, 2016E Cigarettes
E Cigarettes

You may find it hard to believe, but many people who smoke cigarettes would actually like to be able to quit. However, there is more to being addicted to cigarettes than just the nicotine. The physical habit of lighting up makes it even more difficult to quit than a heroine addiction. Let’s take a look at why the E Cigarettes are a great holiday gift, and a way to start the new year healthy.

Many people do not realize that a smoker does not light up just for a nicotine fix. It is more about having something to do with their hands. It is a nervous habit that allows a smoker enough time to stall for an answer or response to something instead of being put on the spot. More information can be found in reviews to assist consumers in finding the best e cigarettes.

Smokers get a calm relaxed feeling from just holding a cigarette. There is a subconscious feeling of being busy at the moment, therefore not having to stop to handle the situation just yet. Smokers feel that this is a good way to help deal with otherwise stressful situations.

The labeling and commercials about how bad smoking can be is nothing new to people who smoke. Surprisingly, most smokers would love to quit if they could do so without withdrawal symptoms. Using an e-cigarette provides the smoker with the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette. There are even flavors which provide smokers with the taste they are used to having.

Although never making sufficient news coverage, there are universities which ran tests with the e cigarette. They found that there is no measurable amount of nicotine in the blood after taking a puff from an electronic cigarette. This is great information for people who are looking for a way to quit smoking.

These e-cigarettes have several parts that include a rechargeable battery, an atomizer, and a flavor cartridge. When a smoker inhales, the incoming air activates a sensor which makes contact from the battery to the atomizer. The e-liquid is then heated, and a vapor that looks like smoke is emitted. There are not any harmful chemicals found in traditional tobacco products, and no disgusting second hand smoke odor.

E-cigarettes, which are currently not banned from public places, provide such a realistic alternative to smoking the real thing that many smokers are interested in trying to convert. Electronic cigarettes and their accessories are much less expensive than buying traditional tobacco products.

The e-cigarette is a much better way for smokers to enjoy their habits without the harmful chemicals or second hand smoke. They give smokers around the world hope that they can quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes prove a much safer means of smoking for those who do not wish to quit. Loved ones looking for the perfect way to surprise the smoker in their lives should consider that e cigarettes are a great holiday gift, and a great way to start the new year healthy.

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