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E-cigarettes – A Healthier Alternative to Tobacco

By January 2, 2017E Cigarettes
E Cigarettes

The jeopardies of smoking are well-known. Smokers are afflicted with COPD, emphysema, premature aging, lung cancer, heart conditions and so forth. It has also been linked to chronic conditions and several diseases that reduce the lifespan of a smoker. Even second-hand smoke is incredibly dangerous, poisoning the lives of those around the smoker. However, with all these dangers, people still light up on a regular basis.

For a smoker, few things compare with that first cigarette in the morning or the taste of smoke after a meal. According to them, it is relaxing, enjoyable and addictive. One cannot change the habit at once, it requires lot of time. What if there were an alternative that could give the same feeling and a dose of addictive nicotine without the all harmful effects of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes?

Surprisingly, there is an alternative and that is none other than e-cigarettes in Canada. It offers the chance to enjoy smoking without all the harmful effects of tobacco. In fact, it is a dramatic tool to reduce the chance of developing smoking related diseases. Here are few facts that one can think while using e-cigarettes, take a quick glimpse:

#1 How large is the electronic cigarette?

For your convenience, there are several different sizes available in the market. One can choose from larger size to a mini cigarette enjoying the same feel to the utmost with the only difference being battery power.

#2 How much nicotine is delivered with each puff?

These depend on the choice of cartridge. Chain smokers can enjoy the high concentration cartridge, while moderate smokers can enjoy the medium dosage. Moreover, there is also a light cartridge and non-nicotine dispensing cartridge to help with a step-down plan.

#3 What does it smell like?

Unlike normal cigarettes, e-cigarettes have a pleasent smell ensuring you don’t smell like an ashtray.

#4 What does the vapour taste like?

Unexpectedly, the vapour tastes like tobacco. In addition, there are several designer flavours available to enhance your experience.

#5 How long does a single cartridge last?

The nicotine in a single cartridge is equivalent to the amount contained in an entire pack of cigarettes i.e. 15-20. However, the smoking habits vary gently with each individual, the length of time the cartridge lasts will vary with each smoker.

Similarly, the charge of the battery will last approximately 2 to 3 days, depending on the usage.

Then why wait? Throw your usual traditional tobacco cigarette that can be harmful to you and your family out and change to a healthier alternative and get electronic cigarettes in Canada and experience the taste of nicotine without compromising with your health.

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