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Can E-Cigarettes Be Used Where Traditional Ones Cannot?

By February 22, 2017E Cigarettes
E Cigarettes

The ways things stand currently, there are just not that many places left that a smoker is allowed to go to smoke. Smoking has been banned in a lot of public businesses such as bars and restaurants that tobacco users have in the past had the right to smoke when they wanted to.

Over the past decade or so, a great number of governments have begun to make smoking in public businesses not allowed. Non-smokers have appreciated the change and believe that this is long overdue. They believe their right to breathe fresh air in public places has been denied them for a long time.

Because the evidence surrounding the seriousness of breathing secondhand smoke was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, it has initiated the smoking bans. Smokers have gotten themselves familiar with these restrictions and have accepted them for the most part. Around the time they have finished making this adjustment, here came the electronic cigarette and it has stirred up a new argument. Those that try the e-cigarette are totally convinced that the vapor they exhale from it is not hurtful to others. Research documents have been discovered that actually suggest that this might be correct.

If and when final research has concluded and there is proof without a doubt that it is not dangerous for those who don’t smoke to be near e-cigarette users, is it going to be legal for them to be used anywhere. It would make sense that they would be if they are not causing any problems for those that are not using them. The reason that it is believed to be alright to use near other people is the fact that there is no real smoke. The mist that can be expelled fades so fast that it can be very hard for a bystander to even notice the vapor.

People who smoke may one day in the near future have a way to continue to get their nicotine without having to light up a deadly conventional cigarette to do so. A great number of people who smoke have already made the switch to the e-cigarette for this very reason. A lot of establishments are already permitting e-cigarette use in their establishments where the option to permit smoking or not has been left up to them. Those places have chosen to allow e-cigarette use not only due to the fact that there isn’t any dangerous smoke involved, but also due to the fact that there is no offensive odor produced by the e-cigarette. There aren’t any nasty ashtrays that you have to have out either because e-cigarettes don’t make any ashes. They don’t pose any hazard for fire because they don’t have any. It might be that someday in the near future people could be permitted to use the e cigarette anywhere they want to.

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