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Are E Cigarettes Risk-Free? Manufacturers Advertise Yes But Medical Professionals Don’t Agree

By December 18, 2016E Cigarettes
E Cigarettes

Are e cigarettes risk-free? These products,formally known as electronic cigarettes, are devices that function utilizing a battery and that really appear like a normal cigarette. These items do consist of nicotine similar to the cigarettes that are being changed, and each tool has an atomizer that heats the nicotine liquid up and vaporizes it. This vapor is inhaled by the smoker and helps deliver nicotine to the system. Whether or not these tools are safe and effective relies on who is offering the solution.

Manufacturers of e cigarettes declare that these devices are completely safe and that the water vapor is not unsafe. The FDA questions these safety claims and has conducted brand evaluation for these devices. This testing showed that e cigarettes can contain different amounts of nicotine and that this element was not standardized. In addition the assessment exhibited that the vapor contained carcinogens. It is important to note that the evaluation by the FDA only incorporated two famous brands of e cigarette and is not thought to be inclusive of all brand names.

Are e cigarettes safe? According to the suppliers who make these tools an e cigarette is a safer and healthier alternative to smoking the real thing. Many medical professionals and other medical experts caution that quitting the practice of cigarette smoking is a better alternative then simply transferring to a product that may be safer but still has many bad health results.

Some experts compare a cigarette smoker using an e cigarette to an alcoholic switching to mild beer. Less of the active ingredient is accessible but the item still allows the person to use the substance that causes the addiction in the first place. Nicotine substitution is accessible in numerous types to help curb yearnings and make stopping easier, but much of these products don’t include the mouth feel and physical motions of smoking a cigarette and this can be a disadvantage.

In some instances these devices may be the lesser of two evils, while in other instances these tools may be a poor choice due to many various factors or medical conditions.

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