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Quit Smoking Los Angeles E Cig Best Vapor Store Lounge in Beverly Hills 310-276-1788

By July 31, 2017E Cigarette Store

http://www.GoodVaporOnline.com Call 310-276-1788

Want to quit smoking? Do you live in Los Angeles?
Jesse Kove talks about how he stopped smoking and started using the e cigarette or what many people know as vapor pens or vape pens.

Where is the Best Vapor Store Lounge in Beverly Hills to get products for your vape pen? Are you new to vaping? Look for help by an associate at Kerri Kasem’s Vapor Lounge: Beverly Hills Celebrity Spot located at:

Good Vapor
9006 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210.
In Los Angeles, California

Learn how you can join millions of people and stop smoking, quit smoking or decrease your smoking with the vapor e-cigarette. E cigarettes

Come hang out, enjoy, singles, couples, get a drink, coffee and more!

Video by Patrick Cordova from GoGlossy.com
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