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Going Green With The E Cigarette: Good News For A Green Earth

By June 1, 2017E Cigarette Store
e cigarette store

A growing concern among the general public is that of how to decrease their footprint on the environment. We all want to make an effort in decreasing the litter, and the clutter of the planet and to help keep it healthy for the generations to come. Going green with the e cigarette is a fantastic way for smokers to make a contribution.

It is difficult to argue that cigarette butts are not an eye sore and a major contributor to the litter found around public places and homes. Millions upon millions of butts find their way from ash tray to dump every year that not only take up space but also leak toxic chemicals. These chemicals are carried by rain water to our oceans where they become part of the water cycle that finds its way back to our taps and our drinking water. In addition to the butts themselves, there are also millions of packages lined with tin foil, and plastic wrapping that must be discarded. The e cigarette solves the problem of all this litter and does not require an ash tray.

The e cigarette is an easy way to attack both the nicotine craving and the garbage problem. They create very little litter. There is only the packaging and the empty cartridges that must be discarded occasionally. There is no ash, no litter after a single use, and each one contains at least the equivalent of three and a half packages of cigarettes. That is tons and tons of litter avoided annually by making a simple green switch!

Aside from being environmentally green friendly, there are several other advantages. One such advantage is cost. The e cigarette is a much cheaper alternative than traditional cigarettes. They are also much more convenient to obtain. Orders take little time to arrive in the mail box and you can order as little or as many replacements as you like. This means no more trudging to the store in snow or rain or extreme temperatures.

In addition, it is a healthier choice for the smoker. It contains a vaporizer so the “smoke” inhaled contains only vaporized nicotine without any of the harmful chemicals and tar that result from the burning of a regular cigarette. This also translates into a healthier environment for your family as there are no second hand effects.

Another advantage lies in the fact that there is no lingering odor. It will leave your car, your house, and your clothes smelling just as they are. For singles out there looking for “the one” this is great news. You are no longer forced to keep your dating pool within the dwindling number of smokers left in the world.

One of the best things about this product has to be that they can be used anywhere. Without offensive odors and second hand smoke, they are legal almost every where.

The green e cigarette is a great evolutionary step in nicotine consumption. It will allow smokers a socially accepted avenue of use that is better for the health of everyone and the planet.

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