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Custom made Wood E-Cig Holder Review made & sold by Loydsecigaccessories.com

By November 30, 2016E Cigarette Stand

Loyd’s E-Cig Accessories has all different shapes, sizes, and custom holders. If you have any ideas for your own personal holder let them know..
All wooden holders are custom drilled to hold what you have.
The prices of these are Great for the quality and US craftsmanship you get.
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How to make the Ultimate Vape pen holder. Great DIY Project just cut your block of oak square, drill it, sand it, etch it, fill it and then finish with a good quality hard wax oil. What could be easier?
Warning! acting the goat around this project gets you into a bad place m’kay?
Photos here on FB
And here on Imgur
Another in the series of Lichtenberg Figure projects I’ve been working on, this one was a lot of fun and a good excuse to use the oak that’s been lying around. If you want to buy one then get in touch as there’s a couple of pieces left. If you’re interested in learning more then browse the videos in my playlist, one has an indepth yak about the setup and how it functions. Link below as well.

Tools used – the big Evolution Rage2 saw for chopping the blocks, it did quite well, fairly smooth, a bit of surface scorching but it sanded off a treat, argos belt sander and the makita palm sander.

Glow in the Dark powder and UV light courtesy of Alpha Industries with many thanks!

Cut and Run Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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