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Why Would Anyone Want To Use The E Cigarette?

By November 17, 2016E Cigarette Safety
e cigarette safety

New products usually get a lot of praise or receive a lot of flack for being the next fad, and when it comes to the e cigarette it is no different. The public is divided on the usefulness of this device and while the general consensus agrees that it is very beneficial and could be a life-saving product, others believe it is pointless and potentially dangerous. All beliefs aside, however, what are the benefits of using this device? Why would anyone want to use the e cigarette?

There are several benefits to an e cigarette and smokers can definitely benefit from them all. After all, smokers have been chastised for their habits for a long time, and it really comes down to respect, tolerance, and the acceptance of the fact that anyone can choose to engage in whatever activity they want without judgment. Regardless, smokers and non-smokers can benefit from this product.

As we are all aware by now, tobacco cigarettes are dangerous. They are unhealthy, and they will eventually cause the smoker to succumb to death or disease because of the multitude of chemicals, toxins, and carcinogens found in its tobacco mixture and in it smoke. The e cigarette, on the other hand, contains nicotine, propylene glycol, and a few other ingredients. Since the liquid solution is turned into a vapor and not burned like the tobacco mixture, the smoke-like vapor that is emitted evaporates in just a few seconds, leaving no residue and no odor behind.

Aside from the obvious health reasons, smokers would not have to worry about setting their home, belongings, or even clothing on fire. Ashes burn. Period. And when they fall onto your furniture, clothing, or other parts of your home, they could cause very minor damage that is hardly noticeable or damage so severe that you will be having to deal with your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance for the next few months.

The e cigarette, as of now, is unregulated but the FDA is quickly working to get them classified as either a “cigarette” or possibly even a cessation product. In the meantime, e cigarettes can be used just about anywhere. Of course, public buildings, the bus, an airplane, and other enclosed places might cause some people to lash out because they’ll assume it’s a real cigarette. So it’s always best to use the e cigarette in an open place and still be mindful of others. Anyone who asks can get the full scoop on what the e cigarette is all about.

Cigarette butts cause a lot of pollution and actually cause harm to wildlife and marine life because of the chemicals in the filter. In addition, the filters and remaining parts of the unused cigarette take years to decompose – just another thing people need in their already-filled-up landfills.

So why would anyone use an e cigarette? For their health, the environment, the health of others, and the safety of their home.

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