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Why Is There So Much Controversy Surrounding The E Cigarette?

By October 2, 2016E Cigarette Safety
e cigarette safety

One of the most innovative and life-changing products has received a lot of controversial criticism as of late. It is questioned by health professionals and organizations, consumers, and even the FDA itself, but is the negative publicity warranted? Does this seemingly useful device deserve all of the flack it has been receiving?

The e-cigarette is a nicotine delivery system, but is not labeled as a cessation device because it still needs to undergo additional testing by the FDA. Because certain businesses have been importing these products overseas from suppliers, there are no regulations concerning the sale of these devices, but it seems that some of the public is intent on shutting down a product that many – smokers included – could very well be the solution smokers are looking for.

The success of the e-cigarette is phenomenal, becoming an overnight sensation since it was first introduced in 2004. Although it did not garner the attention at first, it has caught the eye of many smokers and non-smokers alike. Because it combats both the physical and psychological addiction to nicotine and cigarettes, many users report not having smoked a real cigarette or actually reducing the amount of times they have used.

Critics claim that the different flavors, such as apple, cherry, and coffee, used in the refill cartridges will attract children, but supporters claim that either children cannot afford something as pricey as the e-cigarette or they will smoke a real cigarette because it is an act of rebellion. Smoking an e-cigarette, which is marketed as an alternative to smoking the real thing, is anything but appealing to children and teenagers who are being rebellious.

Questions about the safety of the nicotine have also been raised, but supporters also question why other nicotine delivery products are allowed on the market if the e-cigarette is so dangerous. Furthermore, if the same type of nicotine that is found in tobacco cigarettes the same type found in e-cigarettes, that would make the safety of the nicotine a moot point.

A recent study performed by the FDA showed that a certain amount of the chemical diethylene glycol and nitrosamines were found in the liquid solution, but again, that is a moot point. The e-cigarette manufacturers and retailers have been claiming from the get-go that the device is a safer and healthier alternative. Of course it might contain certain substances that you would not otherwise ingest, but don’t nicotine patches and inhalers as well as quit-smoking medications contain a plethora of other ingredients that are unsafe for human consumption?

Given the information and the cold-hard facts about the e-cigarette, it is clear to see why most of the public and even health professionals and organizations are not fooled by the scare tactics of the FDA and special interest groups.

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