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What Saved My Life? An E-Cigarette Kit from NoSmoke

By January 6, 2017E Cigarette Safety
e cigarette safety

I was overseas in Europe with my band. We played a club in Stockholm, where I was backstage smoking a cigarette. A staff member of the club told me I should consider using a vapor e-cigarette and showed me his setup: a battery with a tank attached to the top. He filled the tank with a small bottle of liquid and handed it to me. I took a puff, just one, and realized I could stop smoking by vaping instead.

That night, I searched the internet to see where I could buy my own e-cigarette and landed on nosmoke.se. I sent them an email with some questions first. They replied quickly with answers to all of them, including which e-cigarette would work best for me, how to use it, which nicotine level should I choose for the e-liquid, along with some concerns about safety. They informed me about the eGo starter kit, which includes two 650 mAh batteries (the “body” of the e-cigarette), two clearomizers (the “filter” of the e-cigarette) and a battery charger. I found it on their website selling for 499kr ($ 75). Their email also suggested I begin with 18mg nicotine e-liquid, and what really got me excited was their selection of flavors! They had a variety of tobaccos like Turkish and American blends, fruits like blueberry and apple, and they had beverages like cola and even coffee. The liquid was very affordable at 49kr ($ 7) per 10ml bottle.

I ordered the kit and some e-liquid from my Stockholm hotel the next morning, and the entire package cost me under $ 100, which is about 12 packs of cigarettes. It shipped on the day I ordered, and it arrived to my hotel in 2 days! Most things I order online take more than a week to arrive.

The day my eGo kit arrived was the day I smoked my last cigarette. After opening the package, I filled the clearomizer with cherry-flavored e-liquid, screwed it onto the battery and began vaping. I haven’t even thought about buying cigarettes since then. The other guys in the band thought my e-cigarette was absurd, but when I let them try it, they wanted their own. I sent them to nosmoke.se. Ever since they ordered their own kits, the whole band has been vaping instead of smoking.

NoSmoke is a great resource for those who would like to quit smoking in exchange for something less harmful. Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly, they have a great selection of products sold at great prices, and their shipping is super quick. If you’re interested in e-cigarettes and vaping, check out nosmoke.se. Before I found them, I smoked two packs of cigarettes per day–$ 16 worth of tobacco every day! The cost of my eGo e-cigarette kit equals only one week’s worth of smoking. Now all I have to do is buy more e-liquid when I run out, and I use about 100ml worth per month. It’s amazing what NoSmoke has done for me. I went from spending $ 500 per month on tobacco down to about $ 70 per month on e-liquid, I can breathe a lot better than I could when smoking, I no longer cough up every morning, and I no longer smell like an ashtray all the time.

I hope all smokers will soon discover vaping. It has saved my life and I have the people at NoSmoke to thank for it.

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