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The Wonderful Experience Of Smoking An E Cigarette

By January 23, 2017E Cigarette Safety

Proven evidence has fixed tobacco smoke as the central causative agent for most of the respiratory diseases, cancer and heart diseases amongst smokers. An uphill task has been to find a lesser harmful product that could most appropriately replace tobacco smoking. The best of these developments has been the discovery of the e cigarette.

Also referred to as safe or the smokeless cigarette this product has revolutionized the smoking lifestyle. The product consists of a battery powered device made in resemblance of the traditional tobacco cigarette. When puffed, an atomizer turns liquefied nicotine into a vapor substance which can be inhaled. The vapor creates a cloud like that of tobacco smoke. Millions of people have switched to this type of cigarette due to its pronounced advantages.

The manufacturers retained features of the tobacco cigarette in shape and appearance in this new discovery. Its production dates back in 2003 by a manufacturing firm in the US. Its initial form did not win the appraisal of many since it resembled a medical gadget and was cumbersome to use. Successive rapid developments have seen the product attain a high level of sophistication thereby earning greater popularity.

This e cigarette allows smokers to avoid over hundreds of chemicals and carcinogens contained in tobacco smoke which are lethal. Other adverse effects of tobacco smoke including effects of tar and heat on the smokers health are kept at bay. For this reason this cigarette adopted a referential name the safe cigarette.

The product contains minimal chemicals in its composition. Since it does not burn tobacco leaves, it eliminates the harmful products of combustion which make tobacco dangerous. The only chemical used is a common harmless product additive Propylene Glycol (PG), which has been approved by health experts. This chemical produces the smoky cloud which carries nicotine to the smoker’s body. Flavors are also part of the harmless composites of this cigarette.

The design of this product ensures maximum convenience to the smoker. With a rechargeable battery and a refillable cartridge, it spares the smoker the trouble of carrying matches and dozens of tobacco sticks. The fact that no smoke is produced means that a smoker can enjoy his piece without interfering with those close to him unlike in tobacco smoking. It can also be lit or laid down anytime the smoker wishes.

There has been an ever increasing demand of the product as more people learn of its benefits and the urge to try it out. Regardless of this, accessibility is always ensured as manufactures have moved to serve the greater world market through internet orders. Information about its use is also available from a wide range of sources to guide and educate its consumers.

To crown its safety benefits, The e cigarette has been recognized as an effective means of controlling ones smoking. It has also been hailed for its effectiveness in assisting smokers to quit. The controlled amounts of nicotine enable consumers to keep watch on their levels of nicotine intake.