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The Difference Between An E-Cigarette and a Cigarette May Astound You

By December 7, 2016E Cigarette Safety
e cigarette safety

If you are a smoker of those old cigarettes, then you know about all of the nasty things about them. Most people probably thought they had not found out about all of these problems until it was too late. Then, other people have had the idea of getting away from them. It has hit their minds several times and then some of them have tried. Most of them probably did not know about this new item called an e-cigarette and tried the other products first only to fail. If you are a smoker and really want to get away from the tobacco in a cigarette, then you should get one of the e-cigarettes.

A cigarette is an object that contains a mixture of tobacco and many additives. It produces a lot of chemicals when you light it up. An e-cigarette is a battery operated item that will give a water vapor and nicotine, and you do not have to light it. This will mean that you will be able to get away from all of the lighters and ashtrays. You will not have to worry about any burn holes anywhere that you might be at when using this e-cigarette. You do not have to worry about your children around them either as you do not send out all of the nasty chemicals that you did when smoking that real cigarette.

With the real thing, you need to have those ashtrays, lighters, matches, and cases. Then you might have to worry about them getting broken if you do not carry them right or find tobacco all over everything. Then you have to worry about your young children getting a hold of these and either breaking them or even trying to eat them. With this e-cigarette, you might not have to worry about this happening as you will only need to have a pocket or your purse in which to carry it in. This e-cigarette has none of the tobacco so you do not have to worry about the mess either.

With an e-cigarette, you will only need to make sure that this is not dropped or wet. You also have to make sure the parts do not get lost. With an e-cigarette there are only three parts: the battery, the atomizer and the filter. This battery will last months, and the filters, which are refillable, will equal to about 15 to 20 cigarette. With a real cigarette, once you light it and whether you smoke it or not, it will burn up and release chemicals. With this e-cigarette, you take a puff and put it away.

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