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KIK E-Cigarette Training Series: Are E Cigarettes Safe?

By July 11, 2017E Cigarette Safety

When you first use your vaporizer you may experience an extremely strong throat hit, which you may even describe as uncomfortable. Please continue to use your device and with each inhalation the throat hit will become far more comfortable and enjoyable.

Sometimes you will experience a burnt taste after inserting a new e-liquid. Simply wait for the liquid to set for a few minutes and then you can enjoy your delicious flavour.

If you have not recently changed your e-liquid this could be one of two things. Your wick could be unfortunately coming to the end of its life or there is too little e-liquid in your clearomizer so it’s getting too dry.

Yes, all you have to do is remove the clearomizer from the battery, unscrew the mouthpiece and run plain warm water through it for 2 minutes. Once this has been done, stand the clearomizer in a warm dry place over night to dry out, and then it will be ready to add new liquid to.

Lack of Use- Leaks are common if you have left e-liquid inside the clearomizer for a long period of time. The liquid has oversaturated the wicks and seeped into the coil resulting in a leak. We recommend regular emptying of clearomizers if not used regularly.

Vaping is still legal everywhere in the UK, however, some businesses, bars and restaurants do not allow it on their premises. This is all down to their individual policies on vaping.

Find out if E Cigarettes are safe here on the KIK ecig Website http://www.kik.co.uk/vape-faq

E-cigarette safety video here: http://youtu.be/lGl9PPdnV2E are E Cigarettes Safe?
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