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E Cigarette Going Strong And Withstanding Criticism

By November 19, 2016E Cigarette Safety
e cigarette safety

One day, it’s Cheerios. The next day, it’s something else. Who are the Food and Drug Administration and other health organizations picking on today?

The latest victim is an item that has gained overnight popularity for being such an innovative and potentially life-saving device. This product is the electronic cigarette, and it has garnered the blessing of millions of supporters, including health professionals, special interest groups, smokers, and even non-smokers.

The e cigarette is a small device that resembles a real cigarette. In fact, it acts like one, too. It delivers nicotine to the user when he inhales on the part that resembles a cigarette filter. It even delivers a smoke-like vapor upon exhaling as well. As much as the e cigarette looks and mimics the cigarette, however, that is about as far as it goes. Because the liquid solution that turns into vapor only contains a few ingredients, it is absent the thousands of chemicals that are found in cigarette smoke. Best of all, the e cigarette handles both the psychological and physical addiction to cigarettes.

It seems like a product too good to be true, right? Finally, it seems like there is a real smoking alternative with real results.

In the midst of all this praise, however, it seems that there some of the public is concerned about the safety of using the device. It delivers nicotine, but what else is in the liquid solution. A recent FDA test revealed that there were traces of an ingredient called diethylene glycol that can be found in antifreeze and certain nitrosamines. Coincidentally, and quite ironically actually, these same ingredients can also be found in tobacco cigarettes and at even higher doses.

Despite these recent findings, that hasn’t turned away any of its supporters. The e cigarette is still as popular as ever and has actually attracted even more buyers and supporters through all of the publicity it is getting. Perhaps through the intended negative publicity, the FDA and special interest groups hoped that people would see that it is a dangerous product, but perhaps the public is using their head and seeing behind the lies. Perhaps. Just perhaps.

The efficiency of the e cigarette cannot be denied. It may not be a cessation product, but it has already helped people quit smoking. In some incidences, users claim to have decreased their use of the e cigarette within just a few days or a few weeks. Supporters worry that the FDA will find a way to ban all sales of the product while others are confident that a product as revolutionary as this one will never be banned. One thing is for sure, if e cigarettes are outlawed, there will be much outcry from the public.