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Could Using The E Cigarette Take Over Smoking?

By July 3, 2017E Cigarette Safety
e cigarette safety

Billions of dollars in health care costs are spent every year by smokers and users of tobacco products. The exact figure in the United States alone? Over $ 150 billion. Sounds like a staggering figure, doesn’t it? Of all the deaths in the U.S., 61% are men and 39% are women. Those people are our mothers, fathers, spouses, brothers, sisters, best friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. These cigarettes are taking the lives of our very own family members and friends.

The way things are going, cigarettes will never be outlawed for good. Depending on how you look at it, it’s better that it is not outlawed because you would then have to deal with laws regarding the usage of them, and more people would be imprisoned. In a country where prisons and county jails are already more than crowded, arresting people because of cigarette smoking is not viable.

One interesting twist to the whole cigarette smoking escapade is the hope that some consumers have with a product called the electronic cigarette, or e cigarette for short. It was invented by a China man in 2004 but didn’t get popular until 2009. U.S. retailers and suppliers saw the potential in the product and began to have them shipped overseas, and some American companies decided to create their own.

The opinions on the e cigarette vary from the general public (smokers and non-smokers), health organizations and health experts and the FDA. While there is some concern about the safety of long-term use, you can’t deny the fact that they have been working well. As a smoking alternative, which is what they are being marketed as, they are doing their job perfectly.

There is no other smoking alternative available that can do what the e cigarette does. There may be candy-flavored tobacco products and quit-smoking aids, such as the inhaler, the patch, and various prescription medications, but none of them give smokers the comfort they seek that can only be attained by smoking a cigarette. The e cigarette gives smokers satisfaction for their nicotine craving, and it also gives them the comfort they seek from the act of smoking.

A great percentage of people who smoke are desperate or will eventually become desperate to quit smoking because they know it is very unhealthy for them. With a product like this, it will be amazing to see just how many people quit the real thing for good.

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