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E Cigarette Supporters Get Ready For The Coming FDA Circus Show

By January 6, 2017E Cigarette Online
e cigarette online

Smokers across the United States may be getting ready for a showdown with the FDA over e-cigarettes. The products contain none of the tar or carcinogens associated with tobacco cigarettes and since they do not combust tobacco or any other material, they do not emit smoke.

E-cigarettes are the first product to address both the nicotine addiction and the oral fixation habit and many smokers are elated at the idea. The habit itself is one of the hardest things to break, since the nicotine is cleared from a smoker’s system only a few days after he or she has stopped smoking. After that, the rest of the battle is a mental one. Being able to see the smoke and hold something in their hands is a big thing and because e-smokers can put their e-cigarette down whenever and wherever they would like, they often forget it is there. This results in many smokers actually using their e-cigarette less than they would use tobacco cigarettes, which is a good thing for both them and any bystanders that may be near.

Even worse, some anti-smoking campaigns are claiming that the products are a ploy by big tobacco to hook kids, as SmokeFree Wisconsin states on their site’s blog. Because the product’s refill cartridges are available in different flavors, SmokeFree Wisconsin and other anti-smoking groups believe the products are being marketed toward children. Nothing could be further from the truth, since most e-cigarette online vendors are very open about the fact that they do not advocate selling e-cigarette products to minors and do not do so themselves.

The majority of e-cigarette vendor websites are littered with health warnings and advisements to consult your doctor if you are undergoing any type of medical treatment before making a purchase with them. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be enough for anti-smoking groups, since they want formal FDA regulations placed on an industry that is already doing fairly well at regulating themselves.

The blow to the pharmaceutical industry could also be staggering, since there are billions of dollars made every year in the anti-smoking drug industry. Drugs like Zyban and Chantix have been linked to serious health problems in users, but anti-smoking groups and the FDA insists that the benefits of those drugs outweigh the risks. E-cigarettes have no known serious side effects, yet they have come under relentless attack. The only solution for the educated smoker is to contact their Congressman and state Senator immediately to help ensure e-cigarettes are legal in the United States of America, where smokers should have a right to a tobacco alternative.

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