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Vaping Product Review StingRay From E-Cigarette Lobby

By February 9, 2018E Cigarette Lobby Review

Vaping Product Review: Stingray From E-Cigarette Lobby, They make all sort of clones from mods to atomizers and sell other stuff in the e-cigarette line to. So lets go down low, take this stingray apart and look at it, test it and vape on it.

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Hammer Clone from Ecigarette Lobby

The Hammer clone was sent to me for purpose of review from Ecigarette Lobby. My views were not swayed in any way or fashion, and as always are my honest opinion of the item in question.
You can find the Hammer Clone from Ecigarette Lobby here: http://www.ecigarettelobby.com/e-cigarette-mod/the-hammer.html
and the Aero Tank shown in this video here: http://www.ecigarettelobby.com/atomizers/aerotank-airflow-atomizer.html

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