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How can you decide an e cigarette brand as best e cigarette?

By August 4, 2017E Cigarette Health
e cigarette health

E-cigarette was founded by a pharmacist named Hon Lik of China a decade ago. Since then, there has been a sharp increase in the number of users taking ecigs as their main smoking product which has resulted in a sharp downfall of traditional tobacco products such as paper cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. Conventional smoking was never a stress reducing smoking product to smokers and instead has given numerous diseases enriched with pollution. Traditional smoking products like paper cigarettes are highly smoke producing products that release smoke comprising of dangerous chemicals that deteriorate environmental standards and moreover, adversely affect health of the smoker and cause deadly diseases like lung cancer, heart disease, etc. E-cigarette is a safe smoking product and is not injurious to the health of a smoker and environment as well. Many people say that ecigs will continue to rise sharply in the coming time because they are non-combustible products and moreover, give smokers their usual nicotine dose without much trouble to their health and also helps in conserving atmosphere. Just like paper cigarette, e-cigarette can be used frequently as it is a battery equipped device and can be operated anywhere depending on the smoker.
The basic nicotine content in ecigs is stored in a liquid chamber which is also called a cartridge and contains nicotine solution dissolved in propylene glycol which is a common food additive and often comes in thousands of flavors. The nicotine level can be easily varied by the smoker and the cartridge can be easily refilled again according to the usage of smoker. The second key element found in e-cigarette is a heating element also called as atomizer that heats the liquid nicotine solution with the help of the battery and thus, the nicotine solution is converted into a vapor and is therefore, directly inhaled without any harm to lungs including other organs of the body. Ecigs only release nicotine vapors and are absolutely carbon free products and give more charm to smokers in a perfect way of smoking without producing any smoke! This new trend of smoking has attracted millions of smokers all over the world and has increased their health greatly in comparison to traditional smoking products that have given serious diseases encircled with smoke and distress. One cay buy e-cigarette at regular cigarette shop or can buy them online. Nic Hit ecigs is a popular brand that deals in best electronic cigarette and offers thousands of marvelous designs of ecigs at an affordable price. No doubt, ecigs are better smoking products than conventional smoking and give more satisfaction to a smoker than ever before!