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E Cigarette India

By January 4, 2017E Cigarette Health

E Cigarette India

E Health Cigarette are un aspect autentic de tigara, dar este producatoare de substante non-toxice, vapori de nicotina fara apa care arata si se simt ca si fumul real! ,Electric Cigarette: Smoking Everywhere E Cigarette on ABC News WFAA-TV Channel 8,Electronic Cigarette Drag Technique – Please visit,But, there’s more to smoking than just getting the nicotine fix.

There is a certain fixation about smoking: The way you hold the cigarette, the puffing and seeing the smoke coming out of your mouth.

The e-cigarette offers the same smoking experience.

You hold it like a cigarette, you puff it like you do a cigarette, and you’ll see ‘smoke’ coming out of your mouth like a cigarette.

Except that it’s not a smoke, it’s vapor.

Some people will be able to quit smoking only a week after switching to the smokeless cigarettes!

Here’s what usually happens:

Once people get used to the e-cigarette, they get uncomfortable with the smell of a regular tobacco cigarette smoke.

So, they will stop smoking the regular cigarette for good.

Following that, they switched to the low-nicotine cartridge and eventually they will stop needing the nicotine fix.

Smokers know smoking is bad for health. But, it’s not the nicotine which makes smoking harmful.

Nicotine is like caffeine to a coffee drinker: It’s addictive.

The e-cigarette is an alternative for those who need the nicotine fix with minimal damage to their body and those around them.

The battery-powered, non-flammable device provides a smoking experience without the danger of fire, flame, tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances found in a regular cigarette.

Instead of smoke, the device releases vapor, which contains vaporized nicotine and is delivered straight to the blood stream via the lungs, giving the smoker an instant fix.

The odorless vapor also allows the smoker to smoke in a closed-environment without causing discomfort to others in the same room.

How does the e-cigarette work?

While a regular cigarette contains over 4,000 harmful chemicals — including 43 cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds, an e-cigarette contains only water, nicotine, propylene glycol, and flavor.

The e-cigarette is made up of three components — the battery, an atomizer (vaporizer) and the cartridge.

The product works when a smoker inhales at the end of the cartridge which hold the nicotine.

The atomizer then heats up the nicotine into vapor form.

The smoker then inhales the odorless nicotine vapor like they would inhale smoke from a regular cigarette.

An orange LED will light on the other end of the cigarette to imitate the actual smoking experience.

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