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The Pros Of Using An E Cigarette

By December 19, 2016E Cigarette For Sale
e cigarette for sale

Are you a smoker who has tried to quit in the past but just couldn’t do it because the cravings for the nicotine were so great? Or are you a smoker who just wants a safer and healthier alternative to cigarettes because you know that the 4,000+ chemicals you are inhaling every single time you light one up certainly can’t be good for your body?

Well, the answer might be here and it comes in the form of a little battery-powered device. No, it’s not another nicotine inhaler, though some people could refer to it as one. No, it’s not another patch, although it does deliver nicotine gradually every time it is used. This little device is called the electronic cigarette, or as the industry refers to them, the e cigarette. It has gained popularity literally overnight and if you have not yet heard of or seen one, you will shortly.

The e cigarette is designed as an alternative to smoking. It looks like a real cigarette because it is shaped like one. In fact, some models even have the orange “filter” at the end of the stick. It feels like one. And it acts like one. When you puff on the “filtered” end, there is a small light that glows at the end of the other stick and a smoke-like vapor emits from the device.

So why would such a device be made and how will it benefit consumers? Does it really work well?

Again, the device is a smoking alternative. It is not a cessation device because it has not been classified yet by the FDA. Many smokers enjoy their habit but despise the fact that they are doing harm to their bodies. Still, the addiction to the nicotine is so great that the habit is hard to break. The e cigarette provides the user with the same benefits of smoking but without the other “benefits”. Because the liquid solution that turns into vapor and is inhaled does not contain the thousands of chemicals found in tobacco smoke, smokers can indulge in their once-guilty pleasure without doing their body or the bodies of other loved ones any harm.

While e cigarettes have been banned in other countries such as Australia, there are no rules about where you can or cannot use the e cigarette. Oregon, so far, is the only state that has banned the sale of e cigarettes in the state, but that doesn’t mean consumers cannot order them online and use them in their home. As of now, the e cigarette can be used pretty much wherever.

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