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Is The E-Cigarette The Answer To Your Smoking Habit?

By February 5, 2017E Cigarette For Sale
e cigarette for sale

The smoking habit is thousands of years old, but as the days go by more and more people are looking for an alternative. One alternative that is steadily growing in popularity around the world is the new electronic cigarette. While it has all the appearance, feel, and taste of a cigarette, it is not a cigarette and does not have all of the harmful side effects that smoking a tobacco cigarette does.

Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals when they are burned, including argon, lead, mercury, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and many others. Of all of the chemicals a burning cigarette emits, at least 69 of them are known to the medical community to cause cancer in humans.

The e-cigarette works by atomizing a mixture of mostly water, nicotine, propylene glycol as you inhale it through a cartridge that looks just like a cigarette filter. They started out being as big as a writing pen, but have since decreased in size to the point where most models look like a slightly fatter cigarette.

There are multiple brands of e-cigarettes currently on the market, but many of them come from China, where the first e-cigarette was invented in 2004. Models that look like traditional cigarettes which are white with an orange filter are available, as are brown cigarettes, cigars, and even pipes.

There are also multiple flavors of e-cigarette cartridges, including menthol, fruit flavors, and even tea. Additional flavors are currently being developed and some consumers are even learning to blend their own with products available from food flavoring companies.

The benefits of an e-cigarette include no second hand smoke for anyone you care about to inhale and no lingering odor that will make your clothing stink. There is also no mess associated with e-cigarettes, since you will not need an ash tray and you never have to worry about dropping ashes in the floor. E-cigarettes are also safer than traditional cigarettes because you don’t have to worry about accidentally burning yourself or anyone else.

Even though they are 10 times safer than normal cigarettes, they are currently being banned in multiple countries due to the concerns of government health organizations that say that they are unsafe, often without any substantial proof to support the claim.

While normal tobacco cigarettes and all of the 4,000 chemicals they emit remain legal in all of the countries banning both sale and possession of e-cigarettes, smokers continue to look for a healthier, safer alternative to traditional smoking.

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