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Why Smokers Must Sample ECigarettes

By December 14, 2016E Cigarette Dangers
e cigarette dangers

The E Cig, which recently came onto the marketplace, have fast become a popular alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. There are a large number of reasons that this is so. Explaining exactly what an e-cigarette is is a great place to get started. An electronic cigarette is an electronically charged device that often looks like a cigarette. Holding chambers located above a heating element within the device contain specialized ecig liquid. Delivering the E-Liquid directly to your lungs, a heating element is activated when you inhale, which vaporizes the liquids.

This is probably leaving you still wondering why you should switch to an electronic cigarette instead of using traditional cigarettes. As reusable devices, e-cigarettes are a more eco-friendly choice than regular smokes. But this is, in no way, the biggest benefit of the electronic cigarette as opposed to the traditional cigarette. All smokers are keenly aware, and in some cases reminded often, as to the dangers of smoking cigarettes.

You can smoke in a far safer way through the use of an electronic cigarette. Regardless of what people tell you, electronic or not, there is no such thing as a harmless cigarette. If you are consuming nicotine, it is addictive and harmful, and nothing can change that. You do receive benefits from an electronic cigarette that make it more attractive and safer alternative to regular cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are additive free, which is, perhaps, their greatest benefit. During the manufacturing process, additives are added to cigarettes, along with the toxic chemicals naturally found in tobacco. Though highly toxic, these additives are designed to produce a longer burning cigarette. Even additive free cigarettes, or those made from organically grown tobacco are not as safe as the electronic cigarette. The chemicals are found naturally within the plant and cannot be gotten rid of. You are going to ingest these chemicals if you smoke tobacco.

Not so with the electronic cigarette. The only ingredients in E-Liquids are nicotine and/or flavorings that have been diluted in food grade solutions. No additives, none of the other harmful components of tobacco, just nicotine and flavorings. That means, when you smoke an electronic cigarette, when the E-Liquid is atomized, or “burned”, only nicotine molecules are being delivered to your lungs.

When referring to an electronic cigarette as opposed to a regular cigarette, it might be more appropriate to put the word smoke in quotations. There is no actual smoke involved whatsoever with an electronic cigarette. The device vaporizes the E-Liquid. There is no second hand smoke as a result of this fact. This makes for a much more pleasant environment for those non smokers in your life who love you. Then there are all the health problems that are associated with being exposed to second hand smoke.

Thanks to the electronic cigarette, you no longer have to reek of cigarettes. You also do not have a persistent cloud of toxic smoke following you around and burdening others. You also aren’t getting all the other nasties that go along with traditional cigarettes, just pure simple nicotine and/or flavorings.