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What Is Wrong with Electronic Cigarettes?

By July 27, 2017E Cigarette Dangers
e cigarette dangers

With all the hype against the dangers of cigarette smoking, people who merely want to enjoy a little nicotine fix minus the hazards of tobacco have found solutions in electronic cigarettes. However, just as these so-called ‘e-cigs’ are gradually taking a base in the market, criticisms and warnings are once again up. Many of these are founded on the premise that any alternative to a bad habit is always suspect. Nevertheless, smokers need not worry over this highly innovative and much safer substitute to their dangerous habit. Despite all these, this device may still have some drawbacks though.

The first and foremost negative effects are on the profits of tobacco cigarette manufacturers more than on its users’ health. The health campaign primarily launched to educate smokers of the dangers of tobacco has already hurt their revenues. With the introduction of electronic cigarettes, more people would certainly turn their back on the dangerous tobacco stick. This is definitely not good for the manufacturers. Thus, it’s virtually normal to expect that they would insist on the claim that even the best electronic cigarettes may still be dangerous to health. Since they find it hard to beat them in the issues regarding safety, they could at least have a level playing field that way.

Some critics also claim that the sight and the sensation that the e-cig brings about only motivates people to try using the real stick. This doesn’t sound plausible since the ad campaigns on the dangers of tobacco to health have been intense enough to curb any thought of non-smokers to try it.

After all, the most likely users of the e-cigs are not those who did not have habit previously but those who are trying to end it. Obviously, the best electronic cigarettes can’t effect a nicotine addiction. These instead can help people to stop using tobacco for smoking.

Is there really something wrong in using the electronic cigarette? Even the FDA or the World Health Organization couldn’t claim this. Due to this it is quite normal for them to worry over its use. However, this definitely does not mean that they are condemning it. The best people who could say about its effects so far are the users themselves. At this time, all they have been saying is that these are a huge help for their nicotine craving in a relatively safer way.

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