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What Are Electronic Cigarette Quality Standards?

By October 19, 2016E Cigarette Dangers
e cigarette dangers

Regardless of what tobacco cigarette makers say about their quality and standards, everyone knows in their heart that there’s more than tar and nicotine in a cigarette, most of which is what causes all of the health issues associated with smoking. Electronic cigarette quality standards are much higher, which is why you can smoke them in restaurants, parks and even at your desk at work.

Not a lot goes into electronic cigarettes. The entire cigarette is designed to turn a high quality liquid into a vapor which delivers the nicotine you crave without any of the other problems associated with a traditional cigarette. E-cigarette quality standards are in place to eliminate such things as:

– Bad smell in your home or on your clothes

– Second hand smoke dangers

– Fire hazards from a lit cigarette touching flammable fabrics

– Tar build up on your teeth or lungs

The e-cigarette quality standards are there from the very start. Sourcing of materials is critical. The liquid used inside the cigarette is almost always US made with the highest level of ingredients. This results in a quality smoking experience that you can savor anywhere.

The standards are also there in the manufacturing of the cigarette. You can re-use the cigarette over and over again just by replacing the cartridge with the liquid. It will have the same weight and feel as a regular cigarette without any of the downsides.

Another major concern during the manufacturing process is safety. Since there are no lit flames there are no burns to worry about. This means you can light your cigarette without any worry of burning yourself, the sheets, the furniture or anything else. This is another reason why businesses and parks are OK with you smoking an e-cig wherever you are. It’s a significant draw to e-cigarettes.

Cost is also a factor when it comes to quality standards. There’s a delicate balance between providing you with a good quality smoke and making it affordable. If you’re tired of the traditional cigarettes costing you a fortune, you can say goodbye to them and the cancer they will likely cause without spending any additional money.

That’s the whole idea behind e-cigarettes. You can save money and be healthier all because the standards are in place. The process of turning liquid into vapor gives you the impression that you’re smoking. It also provides you with a much healthier nicotine delivery system while still delivering the same sensation and taste of smoking.

Electronic cigarette quality standards vary from company to company. However, when you look for natural, American-made ingredients in an e-cig versus a traditional cig, you will get a good smoke at an affordable price every time. That’s when you know the manufacturer has paid attention to the quality standards.

Greg Foot explains what an e-cigarette does, how it works and how safe they are.

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