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Understanding What Electronic Cigarettes Are ? The Reality And The Political Agenda

By June 23, 2017E Cigarette Dangers
e cigarette dangers

As tobacco smokers begin to have an understanding of what electronic cigarettes are the popularity of e-cigs is soaring. After decades of lighting up where they wanted with no repercussions or restrictions, smokers are faced with a changing public attitude that no longer tolerates smoking in public.

Increasingly, tobacco users find themselves ostracized in public areas and relegated to feeding their habit outside public buildings and only in certain designated smoke filled rooms in airports. The condemnation of tobacco has spread to bars, restaurants, theaters and everywhere else people gather as the dangers of second hand smoke have become public knowledge.

The e-cigarette was introduced to the marketplace in 2003 as an alternative for smokers. This personal vaporizer delivers flavor and fulfills the need to nicotine yet does not cause a negative affect on those around you. Shaped like a tobacco cigarette or a ball point pen initially, models are now available to also resemble cigars and even pipes.

E-cigs are reusable although some come with disposable components. The best selling products are the automatic style where vapor is delivered on demand when the user applies draws on the mouthpiece.

The flow of air is detected by a sensor that will activate a heating element and that heat vaporizes a solution containing nicotine. The solution may be added with an e-fluid or may be a cartridge located in the mouthpiece. A LED light at the end of the electronic cigarette lights when vapor is produced. Original models of the product routinely used an orange or red LED to resemble the fire of a lit cigarette. Today the user can choose from a variety of LED colors.

On manual models, the user must press a button to activate the heating element and produce a vapor. The same components of electronic circuits and rechargeable batteries are present in both delivery systems, manual and automatic.

A small cup inside the mouthpiece is filled with absorbable material saturated with a liquid solution containing nicotine and flavoring. The mouthpiece is often referred to as the “cartridge” with a tip that may be round or shaped like a plastic cigar tip. Liquid in the cartridge is vaporized by the heating element for the user to inhale.

E-cigs are considered a delivery system for nicotine. The solution referred to as e-liquid can be purchased in many flavors and in various strength levels of nicotine. The user chooses the nicotine level he prefers just as he might choose regular, light or ultra-light tobacco cigarettes.If you have wondered “what are electronic cigarettes” you’ll find the e-cigs an effective method of providing nicotine through a process that does not endanger those around you or release odors into your home.

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