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The Top Five Features You Will Like On ECigs

By June 10, 2017E Cigarette Dangers
e cigarette dangers

As revealed by the recent statistics, UK is getting more concerned with the habit of regular cigarette smoking. In 2009, approximately 15% of the heavy smokers begin their morning puffing a cigarette as soon as they wake up. Also, about 81% of those who smoke believe that they cannot survive the day without smoking any cigarette. Hence, the electronic cigarettes are made widely available. In Europe, the electronic cigarette and e-liquid industry became well-known in 2006.

The producers of electronic cigarettes are creating these products with the hope of decreasing and eliminating the heavy dependence on cigarette smoking of more than 21% of the Britons. The public has accepted the electronic cigarettes very well and this is proven by the increase of sales even on the Internet.

There is now an increase in the prices of tobacco and the awareness of the dangers of lung cancer is growing. Due to this, the electronic cigarette has become more popular. Various surveys are trying to put into figures the growing hype of the usage of electronic cigarettes. According to the statistics obtained by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine during the early months of 2011, there are about a third of those individuals who tried utilizing the electronic cigarettes and they reported a successful cessation of their smoking habits within six months of using the product. The electronic cigarettes and the e-power 18650 are known to be effective when it comes to achieving the goal of smoking cessation when compared to the nicotine gums and nicotine patches that only have a success rate below 20%.

If you would like to get an electronic cigarette, then you should take a look at these five features. The first thing to be considered is the general appearance. The electronic cigarette manufacturers are trying to create e-cigarettes that have a resemblance with the real ones.Its cartridge has a brown color that resembles the filter and the battery is created to look like the tobacco cigarette’s main body and the end glows red when you inhale from the cartridge to make it feel like a genuine smoking experience.Second, consider the LED’s color. The e-cigar’s traditional look is that it comes with a red LED at the tip and this will light up when you are going to take a drag. However, there are other colours that you can find like blue LED and green LED.

The battery life is the third fantastic feature of the electronic cigarettes. If you are fond of travelling, you may carry the device and enjoy it for a day and you may bring with you a charger. Nicotine strength is the fourth best feature of this device. There are different nicotine strengths that come with the electronic cigarette cartridges. The different categories of the nicotine strengths are medium, low, zero and high nicotine.

If you want to eliminate the smoking habit, then you can gradually minimize the nicotine strength levels. Lastly, the flavours of the e-liquid are also an excellent feature of the electronic cigarettes. You can get a traditional flavour like menthol or tobacco. However, other choices are available and this include chocolate, strawberry, coffee, vanilla, other fruit flavours and many more. The electronic cigarette definitely provides you a delicious and realistic smoking experience.

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