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The Differences Between The Electric Cigarette and A Tobacco Cigarette

By December 29, 2016E Cigarette Dangers

If you are a smoker, have you seen or heard of the E-cigarette? It looks like a cigarette, but that is were the likeness ends except for the nicotine. However, you get the nicotine without lighting up. With regular cigarettes you have to have them in a pack otherwise they will break up in your pocket or purse. With the e-cigarette you only carry one as the filter that you have on it is equal to 15 or 20 regular smokes. With this device you can forget about lighters or matches and even those cigarette cases as this you can carry in any pocket

When you smoke on an e-cigarette, remember there is no tobacco that you have to burn. When you inhale on one of these you will activate a flow censor which will send a water vapor containing some nicotine, propylene glycol, and the flavor of tobacco to you. Now remember that you do not have to light these so you can enjoy getting your nicotine without all of the dangers that you will receive from those regular cigarettes. Since these have no tobacco the same rules and restrictions might not apply in regards as to where you can use them. Since there is not any smoke when you exhale and you release a water vapor that will evaporate every quickly some places could allow you to use it. This will of course, be at the discretion of the owner of where you are, but you could still be subject to the laws concerning government buildings and other public places.

The e-cigarette is a small battery that is shaped like a real cigarette. Attached to that is a flow censor with a filter attached on it. The filters look like a normal filter, but this filter is like having a whole pack. This will mean that you will not have to buy so many packs and this will save you a lot of money a day because the cost of one filter is about two dollars. Just think, if you smoke two or more packs a day and you start using this e-cigarette how much money you might have left over at the end of the week or the end of the month. This e-cigarette has been on the market for four years now with the new ones easier to use.

If you were to be sent to a health professional and he told you to quit smoking, you might find it really hard to do. If you have tried all the other methods of trying to quit and have not been able to, you might want to give one of these a try. They are not marketed as a stop smoking aid, but most of the studies thus far show that are more than likely a lot less harmful to your health than tobacco cigarettes and the thousands of chemicals they contain with many of them being deadly.

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