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Smoking is Like A Smoking Gun For Heart Disease

By July 11, 2017E Cigarette Dangers
e cigarette dangers

Ignorance is no excuse to suffer from heart disease associated with smoking. For years doctors have tried to preach the dangers of smoking to the public, making the dangers widely known. Some people still choose to not take these warnings seriously. You may think it will never happen to you but is it really worth the risk?

Among the thousands of chemicals in cigarettes at least 60 of them are considered toxic to our bodies. Each time you inhale you are allowing these toxins to flow freely through your blood stream. Over time your body starts to show the affects of the toxins as your arteries begin to harden. Once this has happened your body is open to suffering from heart attacks, heart failure, and instant death.

Your body doesn’t care if you’ve smoked one pack of cigarettes, or three hundred, yet there are people that still ask if I smoke only two cigarettes a day am I still at risk? That’s like someone asking if I stand on the train tracks between 1pm and 2 pm am I still at risk of being hit by a speeding train.

Each person’s body is different this is why a doctor can’t tell you yes you can smoke a pack a day for a year and not have this affect you, because only your body can decide when it has had all it can take. Your family history can’t be avoided, especially when adding smoking as another factor you are at higher risk of heart disease than the average person.

Smoking not only increases your chances of heart disease, but also those whom you’ve smoked around. Each time you light a cigarette because you have that urge that you just have to have one think about all of the innocent people around you that you are exposing to your second hand smoke, they too will eventually suffer the same risks associated with your smoking. Is it really worth lighting up and getting that quick fix to risk the health of everyone you care about?

If the cigarette company listed the thousands of chemicals that were in their cigarettes on each pack the risk of heart disease would surely drop, because people would be repulsed at what they were putting in their mouths. These toxins are what contribute to fatty deposits building up in our arteries. For women who smoke and take certain birth control they have even higher chances of suffering from heart disease than the average person.

You may choose to put yourself at risk of heart disease due to your smoking, but you should also consider those closest to you when you next consider when and where you are going to light that next cigarette. Quitting smoking is the only way to free you from the potential health risks associated with the habit.

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