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Order E cigarette battery – How to decide what e-cigarette you need for a battery?

By September 1, 2016E Cigarette Dangers
e cigarette dangers

E cigarette or more precisely electronic cigarette is an inhaler that electronically converts a liquid solution into aerosol mist that stimulates tobacco smoking. This is for people wishing to give up the bad habit of tobacco smoking. It makes them feel as if they are inhaling tobacco whereas what they’re actually inhaling is less hazardous than tobacco.

Like other electric objects that require charging, the length of the charge depends on your usage. If you use e-cigarettes a lot then the battery will run out after a few hours but if you use it at intervals and after long gaps then the battery can last up to days at an end.

There are ways to extend your battery life. Obviously you don’t want to spend too much money on getting new batteries or atomizers every time you run out of them. The battery is an essential part of the e-cigarette. This is responsible for turning the liquid into steam that you inhale. Modern e-cigarettes come with mechanism that saves your battery and reduces power loss. In case of manual batteries you need to take care that you don’t push the button too hard and end up losing it or having it stuck in the battery. In automatic e-cigarettes you can remove the battery from the atomizer. What will this do? This will make sure that these two units don’t draw heat from each other and provide electricity because these are quite sensitive. When filling your nicotine cartridge you need to make sure that the liquid does not over flow because a leakage in the atomizer can be spilt over the battery which damages the battery. So always refrain from over flowing your nicotine content as it as other dangers as well. If you have a manual battery then you can attach the atomizer on the battery before inserting your liquid cartridge thus the excessive liquid is turned to steam and is removed from the system. An automatic battery is much easier. All you have to do is clean the atomizer. This removes all your excess liquid.

If you fill excessive nicotine in your e-cigarette system you face many risks and one of them is that your e-cigarette warranty becomes void. If the nicotine liquid leaks this causes LED failure which you notice when you inhale, secondly the battery is quite hot when you touch it and thirdly the battery gets extra sensitive and turn on or off of its own accord. If you notice that the nicotine liquid has entered into the battery what you can do is, place the battery upside down and most probably the liquid will be removed

Now how to decide what e-cigarette you need to get. Well if you’re new to this thing, you need to get the latest 510 starter kit e-lite kit. This comes with 2 cartridges, 2 atomizers, USB wall charger and 5 cartridges. The average battery life of this kit is 2 to 5 hours

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