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New Lifestyle Product: Intentional Fraud, Deception and Downright Untruths About Electronic Cigarettes

By July 27, 2017E Cigarette Dangers
e cigarette dangers

Environmentally conscious smokers are turning to electronic cigarettes as a new lifestyle product. This recent phenomenon offers a safer alternative to smoking tobacco products that is rapidly gaining popular support. E-cigs leave no odor, require no ashtrays and are easily identifiable as a healthy lifestyle choice.

The warnings on U.S. cigarette packs, according to David Hammond of the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, are among the weakest in the world. The first warnings were added to packs in 1984 mentioning only major diseases associated with smoking and have had few changes since that time.

Smoking was socially acceptable activity for generations. It implied an image of sophistication, maturity and style through advertising campaigns. We were told independent women smoke Virginia Slims but no one mentioned that the Marlboro man died of lung cancer. The public has learned more about the dangers of smoking tobacco and about the chemicals ingested each time they inhale.

E-smoking provides the same nicotine boost craved by smokers of tobacco yet avoids the foul odor of burning cigarettes and cigars that spreads to hair, clothing and furniture. Without the necessity of inhaling hundreds of substances that are potentially toxic, smokers can enjoy the taste of tobacco or choose from a variety of flavors available by electronic cigarette suppliers.

There are 599 additives presently in cigarettes according to the U.S. Department of Health. This information came from report from major tobacco companies and was compiled into a list. Many of the substances had not been revealed until the highly publicized tobacco trials a few years ago. Some food additives that have been proven safe to ingest orally are said to be safe even though they have never been tested when burned and inhaled. Chemical properties often change when a substance is burned and over 4000 chemical compounds are produced by a burning cigarette.

The attitude of the public has undergone a sea change in opinion for those who smoke tobacco products. Regular exercise and a diet of organic foods lose their health benefits if followed by inhalation of hundreds of chemical additives. A smoker who lights up in a public place is now the object of glares and comments about second hand smoke.

Big tobacco and big pharma were quick to attack electronic cigarettes when they were introduced in 2003. Lobbyists for the powerful firms spent millions pressuring Congress and the FDA to ban or strictly regulate e-cigs. The strength of the tobacco and pharma lobbies led to the FDA bowing to pressure and issuing a statement regarding potential yet vague hazards of e-cigarettes.

The smoking public has increasingly turned to e-cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco while big business and big government carry on their debate. Consumers understand that 20 ingredients in e-cigs is healthier and safer than the 4000 compounds released by tobacco smoke. Popularity continues to grow for electronic cigarettes as a new lifestyle product.

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