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Negative Publicity On E Cigarettes Angers Supporters

By October 9, 2016E Cigarette Dangers
e cigarette dangers

You would think that a device that has done more positive than negative would be praised for its efforts. You would think that a device that has already helped some people to quit smoking and could encourage millions more to quit would receive some positive publicity. You would think that a device that contains a significantly less amount of chemicals would gain the support of those who have been battling against cigarettes and the dangers they bring.

Yet, the electronic cigarette, or e cigarette, has received much criticism and negative publicity despite its obvious benefits. Are the allegations and accusations against the e cigarette valid? Does the device deserve to be bashed and ridiculed by consumers, health professionals and organizations, and America’s own Food and Drug Administration?

At this point, there are about three sides. One side is completely against the e cigarette, claiming that it is unsafe, dangerous, and can actually encourage non-smokers and children to pick up on the habit. Another side is somewhat neutral, neither disregarding the concerns nor accepting the positive benefits willingly. Then there is the side that either has tried the e cigarette and has seen the positive benefits or believe that the product could make some big changes to smoking behaviors.

From the very beginning, the e cigarette was marketed as a safer and healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. Many people believe that it is doing its job perfectly. As an alternative to smoking, it is allowing users to engage in the act of smoking and to feel the effects of the nicotine without inhaling thousands of other chemicals. Medical studies vary: a test conducted in New Zealand revealed that e cigarettes are completely safe while a test in the United States conducted by the FDA revealed that small traces of a couple of chemicals were found in the liquid nicotine solution.

Those who opposed quickly jumped on the wagon and slandered the e cigarette for those findings, which is quite hypocritical and ironic when you look at the fact that tobacco cigarettes contain those same chemicals but at much higher levels. Those in support were not affected at all by the findings and continue to show support for the device.

Supporters are angered by what they refer to as “scare-mongering” tactics effected by the FDA and health care organizations and their experts. Some believe that the interest of the people and their health is not what is important in this situation, rather it is the interest of certain groups that are the most important to the government.

Whether the e cigarette will be around to stay can only be determined by what happens in court rulings and if the e cigarette is ever banned, there will be a big public outcry.

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