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Marvin Quit Smoking with Apollo E-Cigs and so Can You

By January 28, 2017E Cigarette Dangers
e cigarette dangers

Even though today most everyone is aware of the dangers of smoking, there are still millions of people that smoke despite the health risks and warnings. Part of the reason that people are still smoking even knowing that they are risking their health, is because nicotine – found in traditional cigarettes – is extremely addicting making it very difficult to quit smoking. However, Marvin Junkers was able to quit smoking even after being a smoker of fifteen years by using Apollo E- Cigs.

Traditional tobacco cigarettes are loaded with tar, nicotine and other toxins that are damaging to the health; not only for smokers, but also for those around them who inhale the smoke from the cigarettes. E-cigs, or electronic cigarettes, such as Apollo E-Cigs, are a great alternative that can actually help you quit smoking. E-cigs can have nicotine in them which will help with the nicotine cravings a smoker experiences when they are trying to quit; however, they do not have the tar and other toxins associated with regular cigarettes, making them a healthier alternative.

When you read the Apollo E-Cig Reviews, you will see how much smokers enjoy this e-cig. American made, these e-cigs are full of flavor so that you do not feel that you are losing out from smoking, while being healthier than regular cigarettes. The trick of e-cigs, other than the fact that they do not contain as many harmful ingredients, is that the vapor that is released into the air when the smoker exhales is non-toxic and quickly evaporates. This means that others around you will not be suffering from harmful smoke or the irritating smell of smoke that non-smokers can find offensive.

Another benefit of switching to Apollo E-Cigs, as you can also see from an Apollo E-Cig review, is that it saves the smoker a lot of money. Traditional cigarettes are very expensive and can cost up to $ 10 a pack in some states! With E-Cigs, you can reuse them by refilling cartridges which ends up saving you lots of money as well as your health.

Marvin Junkers quit smoking simply by switching from traditional cigarettes to Apollo E-Cigs. Because e-cigs still give you some of the nicotine it makes it easier to quit without the nasty withdrawals; both physically and psychologically. A lot of times, getting over the physical dependency is only half the battle. Most smokers also associate smoking with certain activities, like driving or after eating a meal. Without having that ‘cigarette’ in their hand, they are also suffering from psychological and habitual withdrawals as well, which is how using e-cigs can help. The smoker can still get the psychological and habitual ‘fix’ by holding an e-cig that is shaped just like a regular cigarette, yet they are not getting the harmful chemicals that are in cigarettes.

Apollo E-cigs are one of the most popular e-cigs on the market because of their taste, affordability and ease of using and cleaning. Check out the Apollo E-Cig reviews to learn more about this e-cig and how it has helped other smokers.

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