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Knight Sticks – E-Cigarettes to stop smoking

By January 16, 2017E Cigarette Dangers
e cigarette dangers

You should not forget that you are not alone and there are hundreds of thousands of other people all over the world who want to give up smoking. Knight Sticks provides such people an opportunity to give up their smoking habits without forcing them to sacrifice the taste of nicotine.

Knight Sticks is an electronic cigarette that provides smokers with all the features of real cigarettes without exposing them to the dangers of a traditional cigarette. Since Knight Sticks are shaped just like a real cigarette and are powered by a battery. The filter of this electronic cigarette contains a small capsule containing nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol. This assembly is attached to a heater that vaporizes the nicotine which is inhaled by the user thereby providing the flavor offered by traditional cigarettes sans the tar and other harmful contents.

The body of the cigarette contains the battery which powers the unit. A red LED lamp on the tip of the electronic cigarette makes it look more authentic. Since this cigarette does not generate any external heat or ash, there is no risk of burning table tops. Say goodbye to holes burnt into clothes because of hot cigarette ash when you start smoking Knight Sticks. The electronic assembly in the filter also contains a sensor that detects when the smoker is taking a drag and it activates the LED lamp and the other circuitry of the electronic cigarette. Since this cigarette provides you with the looks and feels of the traditional cigarette you shall find no problem migrating to it.

Apart from doing away with health risks associated with traditional cigarettes, the Knight Sticks electronic cigarettes provide you with many more advantages. The stains and yellow teeth associates with traditional cigarettes is due to their tar contents. Since tar is not present in the electronic cigarettes you can say goodbye to yellow teeth. Smoke away to your heart’s content even in places where smoking is not allowed. Bid goodbye to heart and lung diseases by smoking this environment friendly cigarette. Bid goodbye also to the dangerous traditional cigarettes.

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