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Is the Electronic Cigarette Really a Healthier Choice for Smokers

By July 8, 2017E Cigarette Dangers
e cigarette dangers

Electronic cigarettes are recent inventions that seek to replace the unhealthy cigarettes. But are electronic cigarettes just as dangerous as the regular ones? Are they just marketers’ efforts to make more money? To talk electronic cigarettes, let’s first go over some basic facts.

What Makes Tobacco Cigarettes Dangerous? The regular tobacco cigarettes are a health hazard because the smoke contains thousands of chemicals. These chemicals include carbon monoxide, tar, and a number of carcinogens. These substances can cause cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The second hand version of the same smoke is even more deadly than the original. When the smoke exits the smoker’s lungs, it cools down, which allows it to better invade bystanders’ lungs.

What is Different About Electronic Cigarettes? Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, do not generate smoke by burning tobacco. Instead, it delivers a smoke-like water vapor that contains very few chemicals. Specifically, the vapor only delivers nicotine and flavors, cutting out the rest of particles and bad chemicals. Although the vapor still contains nicotine, it is far better than the thousands of chemicals present in regular tobacco smoke. But does this make electronic cigarettes safe? We need to take a look at nicotine to find out.

Information on Nicotine When some people think of nicotine, they think of lung cancer. However, the truth is that nicotine is not carcinogenic. It is actually the other chemicals in tobacco smoke that lead to lung cancer.

Nicotine is only mildly addictive by itself. Nevertheless, smokers find cigarettes hard to quit because both the 3,000+ chemicals and the physical habit play a role in developing dependency. Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, knock it down to only nicotine and the physical act of smoking itself. For this reason, it is possible that e-cigarettes do not carry the same addictiveness as their counterparts.

Conclusion – Is Electronic Cigarette Safe? I believe answer to this question should be a relative one. Because the electronic cigarette does not contain thousands of unwanted chemicals and carcinogens, it is absolutely safer than regular cigarettes. Users of this product are often chronic smokers who are looking for a healthier alternative to cigarettes. For them, this switch is frequently described as life-changing.

But is the electronic cigarette another excuse for people to keep smoking? Some people think so. But given the fact that most of chronic smokers continue to smoke regular cigarettes regardless of their dangers, electronic cigarettes are the most logical choice besides quitting for real.