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How Electronic Cigarettes came about

By March 17, 2017E Cigarette Dangers
e cigarette dangers

With the emergence of electronic cigarette a few decades ago, many chronic tobacco smokers have confessed that they are happy with the device because it delivers their irresistible nicotine shot when used without the dangers that arises from burning tobacco unlike that of conventional cigarettes. Apart from that, it is cheaper to purchase so it has helped them save some extra money that they channel to better use. While electronic cigarettes sell for prices typically between $ 30 to $ 100, and refill cartridges which last as long as 20 packs of conventional cigarettes for $ 15 or less, chronic tobacco lovers spend up to $ 1000 a year on cigarettes only which is one of the major reasons why most smokers are switching to this little device.

The first developer of e-cig was Hon Lik from china who was a 3-pack a day smoker and really not surprising because 300 million people in China approximately are regular cigarette smokers. He had to find a way to get his full shot of nicotine without burning tobacco because his father died of lungs cancer which felt really terrible to him. He knew quitting tobacco smoking was an impossibility and he didn’t want to die under the same circumstance too which was what led to him developing of a device consisting of an atomizer, a cartridge, and a battery. The battery was made to power the atomizer which heats up the content of the cartridge in order to produce the vapor which is now sent to the smoker’s lungs giving out the same pleasure and nicotine taste gotten from tobacco cigarettes.

Nicotine is not the source of the toxins and other dangerous stuffs in tobacco cigarettes that kills people, burning tobacco is the real problem and since the electronic cigarette doesn’t burn anything, that threat is reduced making e-cig healthier to use. The results from factual researches made by health agencies hinted that electronic cigarettes are not 100% healthy although it is to a high degree healthier than tobacco cigarettes because their results showed about 9 contaminates present in ecigarettes which is a sharp contrast to the 11,000 found in tobacco cigarettes. They also said that ecigarettes smokers are likely to face no short term dangers but cannot be ruled out of the possibilities of facing long term issues which is also one of the reasons why they can’t satify ecigarettes as 100% healthy.