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How Electric Cigarettes Do Not Damage Like Tobacco Cigarettes

By March 18, 2017E Cigarette Dangers

If you happen to be a smoker like many people in this country, you know about all of the terrible things you can receive from smoking tobacco. With each passing year you smoke, the dangers to you become a more serious issue. You start out only smoking a few a day and with each passing day you usually end up smoking more. Before you know it you are up to a pack or more everyday. Every time you go to see your doctor he or she will ask if you happen to smoke and how much. After you tell them they will usually tell you need to quit.

The funny thing about that is they do not always tell you how to quit, they just tell you to do it. The bad thing about that is that it is not easy to do. Most of you that do try to quit usually end up failing as you try the things you see in stores like the patches or the gum. You might find out that they work a little and then you go right back to smoking tobacco. There is a new smoking devise on the market today that maybe a lot of you have not heard about and it is called the Electronic or e-cigarette. This devise looks just like a normal cigarette, but is not even close. It contains a round shaped battery cylinder. Then you have a flow censor or atomizer and a nicotine liquid chamber or filter.

This is the fourth generation to come along, but the older versions were bigger and more complicated to use. This new version when put together is about the same size as a normal cigarette. Unlike the real tobacco cigarette, you may want to be smoking this e-cigarette as it has no tobacco so you stop the deadly tar and chemical cycle that happens when you smoke tobacco. You start puffing on the e-cigarette just like a normal one and then when you are done with it you lay it down on the table or put it in your pocket. There is no second hand smoke because you receive a flow of water vapor that has the nicotine you crave.

You are no longer having to light the paper, glue, or getting all of the tar that you receive from your old cigarettes again as this e-cigarette has none of these. With this e-cigarette you can throw away your lighters, matches, and whatever else you have that pertains to the smoking of the old nasty tobacco cigarette. You might even find out that you like them so much and stop using the old real cigarettes all together. Even if you continue to smoke the electric cigarette, the health risks involved are thought by many researchers to be much less dangerous to your health than smoking tobacco.

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