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FDA Study About Electronic Cigarette Dangers

By October 23, 2016E Cigarette Dangers
e cigarette dangers

Most of us have heard each side oft the debate about e-cigs. On one side, we have the advocates that feel they’re harmless to use and also a highly effective device for quitting smoking. On the other side of this argument would be the opponents who suggest the e-cig is unsafe to the consumer and they are unsuccessful as a smoking cessation device. But as we all know, if there are two sides to a story, the reality is somewhere in the middle.

The e-cigarette debate became viral around August of 09 when the Food and Drug Administration printed a report claiming they had analyzed e cigarettes, together with their associated product e-liquid (nicotine product used in electric cigarettes), and identified them to be hazardous since they included materials deemed to be harmful to humans. The e cig camp fired back by hiring the well known technical analysis firm Exponent Engineering to examine the FDA report and the procedures they utilized to attain their findings. Exponent Engineering identified the findings reached by the FDA analysis appeared to be invalid because the assessment procedures they applied were far from those required to come up with these kinds of scientific determinations.

Presently, over a year later, what exactly have we learned about the safety regarding smokeless cigarette use? Generally speaking, practically nothing has changed. Each side of the controversy still declares victory yet in the long run, e-cig smokers remain in the dark about whether the e-cig is harmless to use and beneficial as a stop smoking instrument. Why don’t we have a closer look at precisely what we do understand.

In the interest of brevity, I will not go into detail about how the smokeless cigarette works or how it is used. It’s fundamentally a nicotine delivery system not unlike the medically prescribed Nicotrol inhaler. It functions by heating and atomizing a mixture of propylene glycol and pure nicotine, known as e-liquid, as the smoker breathes in through the device. The Food and Drug Administration’s primary point of contention, confirmed mistaken by Exponent Engineering, is that the nicotine containing solution (e-liquid) they analyzed contained harmful contaminants. The controversy concerning this point itself is not my issue. What is important to note here would be the fact the Food and Drug Administration may have, whether intentional or not, come across an extremely important fact. Let’s look at this point a little bit deeper.

In America, just about anything we eat or drink must conform to requirements regulated by government agencies which guarantee our health and safety. We have often seen products which have been recalled through the maker because of the smallest noncompliance with correct production steps. So now let’s think about e-liquid (nicotine mixture used in e-cigs) for the moment. You will find presently no rules or restrictions in place governing its manufacturing, who may produce it, the way it is stored or even its shelf life. In essence, you or I could shop on the world wide web, acquire eliquid ingredients and start preparing it in our basements with no regulation whatsoever. Now for personal use, this may appear acceptable. However, I don’t know of any similar item designed for human inhalation that you may make for yourself let alone for mass consumption as well as sell it on the world wide web. But still, this is just what countless e liquid retailers actually are doing.

Please do not misunderstand me. I am not necessarily stating that e-liquid is in fact dangerous. I am just saying there is a real chance that due to lack of regulation, contaminated eliquid might theoretically land in the hands of an e cig smoker. Now you may wonder about the eliquid that is manufactured by the e cigarette companies themselves? Here once again, we basically have the identical problem. Formulated mainly inside China, there’s absolutely no regulation of any sort concerning how this e liquid is manufactured. Ultimately, it seems those purchasing eliquid should be thinking about that old adage caveat emptor or “Let the buyer beware”.

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