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Enjoy Your Puffs without Any Health Hazards with E- Cigarettes

By February 16, 2017E Cigarette Dangers
e cigarette dangers

Cigarettes are very harmful for our health. It has been estimated that 2/3rds of the percentage of patients suffering from a disease like cancer is lung cancer and it is largely responsible for the smoking. However, those who are addicted to it find it very difficult to leave them and in spite of knowing the dangers that they pose, they are unable to leave smoking. However, this problem can be solved with the help of e cigarettes. It was first made in 2003 in China by Hon Lik and since then it has been used worldwide by those who want to smoke but without risking themselves to its harmful fumes.
These who buy e cigarettes can buy them in big departmental stores or they can be ordered online. They have a small cylinder inside that contains a glycerin based liquid which turns into a kind of aerosol spray to produce the mist that comes out from the front just like the real cigarette. Some of them also have nicotine flavor so that it just feels like a real cigarette. They are also very decorative and are also used as popular gift items for men.
The cartridges of e cigarettes are especially made to produce the effect of real smoking. It is also known as a mouthpiece. It is usually made of plastic and is disposable. It contains another mouthpiece and this is filled with nicotine flavor solution. When the cartridge is sucked the air passes into the user’s mouth through the container that contains the nicotine flavored solution. This is when the smoking sensation is created, but with the complete absence of any real nicotine or smoke.
So now if you just find it impossible to quit smoking, you can definitely try this alternative.Some of them also have nicotine flavor so that it just feels like a real cigarette.

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