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Electronic Cigarettes – The “Coolest” new accessory?

By July 1, 2017E Cigarette Dangers
e cigarette dangers

Electronic Cigarettes really have taken the UK by storm over recent years, and despite numerous attempts to tarnish the market as we know it, the UK already have more than 1 million ‘fans’ if the product, and that number is a fast growing one.

Whilst celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Paris Hilton (among many, many others) pictured sporting the ‘e-cig’, it’s not surprising that the market in the US alone is worth billions.
But what makes these vapour cigarettes and ‘vaping’ (as it is now trendily referred to!) so popular with celebrities and the ‘every person’ alike?

According to new statistics, 31% of users that switch to electronic cigarettes from the ‘regular’ variety quit tobacco completely within a three month period. Alongside the obvious cost saving from ‘rechargeable’ devices over ‘disposable’ cigarettes, they also only emit water vapour, ruling out the dangers of second-hand smoke that concerns many smokers who find themselves indulging in their habit around friends and family. The altogether ‘greener habit’ helping so many to re-shape their health (and ultimately lives) really does speak for itself as a ‘must have’ for anyone looking for a positive change to their lifestyle.

As with all trendy accessories, ‘Vaping’ really does have all the add-ons that you would come to expect from a celebrity trend. For example, a simple click can find you with blueberry and strawberry ‘shisha-like’ flavourings, or another can direct you to Vanilla and Apples. With advanced battery and technology devices, e-cigs really do allow ‘Vapers’ to really make the most of their newly saved pounds in their pockets.

Despite a bumpy start to the social scene (developed for the first time back in the 60s) the ‘up and up’ product is very much here to stay.
For more information about electronic cigarettes and starter kits to begin your ‘vaping’ journey, why not have a look at our products?

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