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Electronic Cigarettes Are Much Healthier The Reason Why You Should Make That Switch Today!

By February 27, 2017E Cigarette Dangers
e cigarette dangers

Smoking is defined as an addicting habit wherein you inhale or exhale the fumes of a burning plant especially tobacco. Most smokers find it hard to quit smoking even if they want to and tried many different alternatives like hypnotherapy, applying nicotine patches, chewing a gum or mentholated candies but none of this has been effective. A more brilliant alternative have been successfully introduced this is the electronic battery operated cigarette made for smokers who want to cut back, quit or continue smoking without wasting their life and money. Also known as e-cigarettes are very popular in United States because it functions and works just like a real tobacco cigarette except that it does not need to be lit, it so not contain harmful toxins and what’s amazing it does not have a burning end because it smokeless.

The e-cigarette consists of three parts 1. Little battery, the one initiating the atomizer after the user inhales the gadget. 2. Atomizer is the most vital part which heats the nicotine cartridge and produces nicotine and glycol that contains vapor common in fog machines. It does not give off an annoying smell but it does look, feel and taste like a real cigarette excluding the carcinogenic harmful toxins that lead to cancer and other related health problems. 3. Exchangeable nicotine cartridge and has four purchasable strengths the high, medium, low and no nicotine.

It is actually a smart option for smokers who would want to practice a healthier lifestyle plus enjoying the pleasure of smoking with the absence of tar and tobacco products found in a traditional cigarette. It could also help you save a lot of money, take for example this situation if you smoke probably 1 pack of regular cigarettes a day and would cost you at least $ 10 and for the record the e cigarette is 75% less than the cost of your regular cigarette then you can save up to $ 1000 – $ 2000 a year if I were you I would switch my regular cigarettes to e cigarettes. Aside from that electronic cigarettes are safer than tobacco.

This enables you to smoke anyplace at any time without having electronic cigarette dangers and issues with smoking restrictions or non-smoking places. You can really smoke in a sealed area not having this awful smell on your hair, clothes, and fingers right after smoking. It can also meet your nicotine powerful desires and enables you love a free-tar smoking experienced. Using this new latest way of smoking it actually implies loving yourself, be with your loved ones in achieving your desires for a much better tomorrow.

Why wait for tomorrow when you can start a healthy life today! Prevent wasting your life and money! Check out this e-cigarette today!