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Electronic Cigarettes

By June 25, 2017E Cigarette Dangers
e cigarette dangers

An Electronic Cigarette is, as the name suggests, an electronic device which mimics the action of smoking using a mist which is inhaled by the user. Most electronic cigarettes come with a starter kit which includes spare parts, a charger and replacement nicotine cartridges.

The electronic cigarette was first invented by Herbert A Gilbert in 1963 who was seeking to find a healthier alternative to regular tobacco. The invention was not popular though as there was little believe at the time that tobacco smoking was dangerous and it was not until Chinese Pharmacist Hon Lik patented his modern design that the electronic device became widely available and used.


The Electronic Cigarette is offered on the market by a number of different manufacturers and distributors throughout the world and because of the number of brands there is a lot of choice available, with different models, styles and even flavours available; with common cigarette brands such as Camel and Marlboro being replicated alongside exotic flavours such as fruit and mint. Although their sale is completely legal there are restrictions for the age of a purchaser operational throughout the world and are adjusted for the particular jurisdiction.


As smoking has become more of a taboo issue and with the smoking ban operational in the UK since 2007 the electronic cigarette has increased in popularity. As the device is not lit and does not contain actual tobacco it is not covered by the ban meaning that an electronic model can be enjoyed in a public area without the smoker needing to go outside. The device is also promoted as being more socially acceptable because the dangers of secondary smoking are eliminated.


Many companies are choosing to market the Electronic Cigarette as a healthy alternative and whilst this might be technically true, in that there are fewer chemicals or toxins being inhaled there has been little conclusive research as to the long term effects of usage. The World Health Organisation has yet to make any definitive statement as to the health implications but has forbidden the manufacturers from marketing electronic cigarettes as a smoking cessation device and cautions users that they should not be treated as such.

The Dangers Of E-Cigarettes: Is Vaping Safe?

I’ve been getting a few messages from new vapers wondering about the safety of e-cigarettes so I decided to put together this video where I assess the dangers of e-cigarettes and try to answer the question “is vaping safe?”.

In this video I’ll also explain how I came to the conclusion that I ended up coming to about the safety of e-cigarettes and I’ll tell you why I choose to vape over smoking traditional cigarettes.

Keep in mind that I’m (obviously) not a doctor or a scientist or anything like that – these are just my personal opinions.

The two referenced studies within this video can be found below.

The study by can by Professor Igor Burstyn can be found here:

The lecture on e-cigarettes by Dr Lynne Dawkins can be found here:

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