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E Cigarettes: The Smoking Alternative That Might Just Work

By November 27, 2016E Cigarette Dangers
e cigarette dangers

Both positive and negative reviews are streaming in from various media on e cigarettes as a smoking alternative. These reviews can be seen in blogs and video blog form, as well as from television talk shows. They are also getting heavy news coverage. The great news coming from these reports is that 70% of smokers who use the e cigarette have given up tobacco completely.

Many popular and not so popular traditional quit smoking methods fail because they lack some important element of the habit. This product includes not only heated nicotine vapor that mimics real smoke, but also addresses the oral and hand fixation that is highly connected to the habit. The vapor contains only nicotine and does not require burning so tar and carcinogens are not created.

The FDA has not approved its safety claims in the United States, although it has been available for about a year. They believe it too earlier to judge if it’s free of carcinogens as the marketing claims. The FDA had come under fire as they had originally banned the product but they have not banned cigarettes for sale in the country, even though they have been shown to contain hundreds of harmful chemicals. There has been speculation that the government is concerned about losing their tobacco tax if this product is used by the majority of smokers as a replacement.

A great draw the product has on people is the advertising claim that it is legal to use the device any place you want. It will not be offensive to others since it is smoke free and odorless. This claim is certain to come up with some resistance until the product becomes more well-known but eventually, it may become common to see “smoking” in restaurants and bars again without complaints from others.

To appeal to all types of smokers, the companies have made it available in several forms including traditional cigarette, pipe, and cigar. Additional bonuses to these products include no need for an ash tray, reducing litter in and around the home and office, and the erasing of the risk of burning anything.

The e cigarettes are available in flavors such as premium tobacco, cotton candy, and menthol. The levels of nicotine also range from very low or nothing to extra strong in order to aid in a gradual withdrawal from the chemical.

Although not widely available yet in stores across the country, it can be purchased in some specialty stores as well as through online vendors. There have been reports that some products made in China contain a bad chemical, however this is still not anywhere near the over 400 in traditional cigarettes.

One more concern that has been gaining a lot of attention is the concern for children. Some have accused the inclusion of candy flavors as direct marketing to children but the companies say this is not the case. It is therefore important to continue educating youth on the dangers of nicotine addiction and to keep these products out of their reach.