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Differences Between E Cigarettes And Tobacco Cigarettes

By November 19, 2016E Cigarette Dangers
e cigarette dangers

You might have heard about electric cigarettes by now and if you are a smoker, you probably wonder if they are safer than traditional cigarettes. Well, this is a question that is still being debated, but the findings so far seem to suggest that they are not as harmful as tobacco filled cigarettes that you light up and smoke. Although electric cigarettes do use nicotine cartridges in the filter end, it is heated by an atomizer that produces not real smoke from burning tobacco, but water vapor. They deliver a sensation and taste that is so similar to regular cigarettes that it is astounding. So, what would be the reasons for you to try an electric cigarette?

Traditional cigarettes:

Require that you light them with a match or lighter and they have a real tip of fire on the end
Produce toxic smoke that is harmful to you and others for sure
They produce tar that is really bad for your lungs
They cost upwards and over $ 5.00 per pack
They are banned in most public places in many states
They can damage the inside of your home and vehicle with smoke residue and are a risk for fire
They are loaded with around 4000 different chemicals
They already contain a warning label from the Surgeon General that declares their dangers to health
They are still legal to purchase everywhere and to smoke in privacy

Electric Cigarettes;

Do not have to be lit with a match or lighter
Produces only water vapor and not toxic smoke
They produce no harmful tar from being burned
The average cost is around $ 2.00 for close to the equivalence of one pack of 20
E Cigarettes are allowed to be smoked in some public places that permit it
They will not damage the inside of your home or vehicle with smoke residue and are not a fire risk
They contain nicotine, water, alcohol, propylene glycol, and flavorings
They are rechargeable and can be laid down anywhere requiring no ashtray
The filters of electric cigarettes are refillable
They are still pending approval by the FDA

It will be up to the consumer, at least for the time being, to decide for themselves what the real facts are and whether they consider the e cigarette safer than traditional cigarettes. There are definite advantages to using electronic versions as opposed to the traditional ones, but that will be for you to determine. No one as yet claims that they will actually help you to quit smoking. It will change the way you do smoke and this could help eliminate some habits like having to actually light up and the need to finish an entire cigarette for fear of wasting it.