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Enjoying The Convenience Of Your E-Cigarette

By October 28, 2016E Cigarette Build
e cigarette build

If you have heard former tobacco smokers talk about the convenience of using an electric cigarette, but you are just not convinced, trying one of your own might be the only way you will believe it. It will cost you less than one hundred dollars to purchase a starter kit and it will come with everything you will need to use the product including enough nicotine filters to equal almost ten packs of tobacco cigarettes. Once you try the e-cigarette and see how easy it really is to use, not to mention cheaper too, you might never go back to tobacco smoking tobacco again.

Keeping your two battery sticks charged that comes with your starter kit is easy. While you use one battery during the day, your back up battery is charging. This way you always have a fresh battery ready. You might think that this does not sound very convenient, but actually one battery stick will probably last you all day and sometimes longer depending on how much you use it. If you purchase a separate charger for your car, you can always take your extra battery stick along just in case you need it.

Using the nicotine filters is easy too. One nicotine filter put on your e-cigarette in the morning will last an average smoker all day. It is close to the same as a pack of twenty tobacco cigarettes. The real difference here is that a pack of twenty tobacco cigarettes can cost five bucks or more, while the average cost of one nicotine filter is about two dollars. Less than half the cost in most cases for about the same amount of nicotine. Just think, instead of lighting up a tobacco smoke every time you want a few puffs and possibly wasting the rest, just take out your e-cigarette and puff as few times as you ant and then put it away. There is no lighter to look for, no fire, no ashes, and no butts to dispose of. The e-cigarette filters are even reusable when you buy bottled nicotine liquid.

If you smoke on your way to work or any other place, you might worry about how you smell when you get there. You do not have to worry about odor with the e-cigarette because there is none. There is also no tar to stain your skin, fingers, or clothes. You never have to worry about the product making your home smell bad either like you do with tobacco smoking. No more dingy, tar stained walls to repaint. No more tar build up on picture frames and other decorative items in your house. No more ruining the upholstery in your home or car. If all of this does not convince you that electric cigarettes are more convenient to use, nothing will.