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Ego-t Battery Repair

By September 25, 2017E Cigarette Battery Repair


I dropped my eGo-T and it stopped functioning. The light was coming on but no vapor from my cartomizer. I took it apart and found that I solder had broke at the bottom of the tube. After a few minutes I had it all soldered up an functioning again.

Ego-C Twist Repair

This Ego-C Twist accidentally met the sharp edge of Estarra’s coffee table, breaking and jamming the button into the innerds. He tried to pry out the broken button but it kept jamming in further, destroying not only the button but the Twist’s pushbutton switch on the main circuit board as well. Still hoping to fix it, he used a wrench to pull the entire head of the Twist off, guess you could say he twisted the head off his Twist, lol. Deciding at that point that it was completely destroyed, he asked me if I’d like to have it. LOL — yes, totally!

Here’s the saga of this Twist’s repair. Not an exciting video, but I sure love to watch repair videos, so thought I would share it with you.

It’s nifty that he sent me this Twist now, because I am currently evaluating a Twist battery for an upcoming review.

Thanks for watching. And thank you too Estarra (RockinRobbieSF on e-cigarette-forum.com).

Say, you might like to check out Estarra’s youtube channel for some great vaping videos, reviews and how-tos. Here’s the link:

Til next time!
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