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How An E Cigarette Can Help

By July 15, 2017E Cigarette Advert
e cigarette advert

You might have seen an advert for an e cigarette recently on the TV. If you don’t know what they are then read on. They are in fact the most successful aid to help you stop smoking that is available today. If you have tried to stop before, unfortunately the chances of success are very low. But with this the chances are greatly improved as many people are finding out.

The smoking of cigarettes is one of the very worst habits that pollute our society today. The first reason for this is the high mortality rate of smokers. It is believed that more people die from smoking than from car crashes, alcohol abuse, suicides, homicides, illegal drug use and AIDS combined.

And it’s not just themselves that are in danger. The effects of second hand smoke are well known, the family and friends of smokers being almost as likely to suffer. Even these reasons don’t seem to be enough to make people stop. Thirty five percent of smokers try to quit each year, with the success rate being as low as five percent.

Lot’s of research has been done to find ways of reducing the amount of people who smoke because of these startling statistics. The e cigarette is one of the results. And it is proving to be quite successful, certainly more than the alternatives. One of the reasons for this is that it is just the same as smoking a regular cigarette.

An often forgotten or never realised factor that people miss the most when they stop is the action of smoking. A high percentage of people who have stopped find that they do not know what to do with their hands, and therefore feel uncomfortable. This quickly leads to a relapse. With the electronic one you still get to smoke, just without the majority of the harmful chemicals.

Contained within is a small cartridge of nicotine in liquid form. When you inhale this liquid is vapourised, giving the same sensation as smoke. And on the tip there is a LED light that glows as you draw to look like the hot ash. All this is done to make it fell and taste as much like the real thing as possible. This should deal with the problem of feeling uncomfortable.

Now comes the problem of nicotine addiction. The cartridge of nicotine can be up to sixteen mg. This is the same as a standard cigarette. But the clever part is that it’s adjustable. This lets you reduce the amount of nicotine little by little over a long period of time, so that you do not feel any withdrawal symptoms you would get from stopping outright. After some time you can completely eliminate the nicotine.

A factor that a lot of people find appealing is the fact that they are considerably cheaper than a pack of smokes. The other options open to you, such as gum and patches are usually more expensive than a pack. One cartridge should last as long as one pack. And this cartridge only costs about two dollars. So if you are ready to try quitting again, then you should definitely give these a go.

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