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510 Thread E-Cigarette Battery with Wall Adapter

By November 30, 2016E Cigarette 510 Thread

510 Thread E-Cigarette Battery with Wall Adapter

Wacky Willys now offers a replacement 510 thread e cigarette battery charger
Available at http://www.wackywillysweb.com/proddetail.php?prod=WPC
This is a 2 piece set that includes the USB charger and 110 v wall adapters.
With an output of up to 5 volts making it suitable to use with most 510 thread e-cigarette batteries on the market.
Keep a spare charge in the car to ensure you are never caught with a dead battery
Charging your Wacky puffer or e-cigarette battery is simple.
Turn the battery off by pressing the button 5 times quickly
Thread the battery to the charger.
Insert the USB portion of the charger into the wall adapter in desired or Charge using the USB
Once the light on the charger turns green your battery is fully charged and should be removed from the charger

How to fix your 510 threads without damaging your device! This is the fastest easiest way to fix your threads, only one tool involved, and no tinfoil!

This can be used on ego style batteries, variable voltage/variable wattage mods, and many others. Enjoy!
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