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What is e cig?

By February 5, 2017E Cig
E Cig

You know that smoking is injurious to health and you should leave it. It is easy to say that avoid smoking, but people who are habitual to this cannot leave their habit. Their body starts shivering and the regular user of cigarettes found troubles in improving and at last they have to stay with this habit. Prevention is better than cure, so there are many companies that are manufacturing electronic cigarettes. E cig are less harmful to your health.

An electronic cigarette or e-cigarette simulates the effect of tobacco by vaporizing the liquid solution into an aerosol. The smokers can use nicotine accordingly and some users choose the option on no nicotine. There is uncertainty regarding health benefits from this product.

There are many health risks with conventional cigarettes, but e-cigarettes are better and prevent health risks. Traditional cigarettes contain tobacco and e cig contains nicotine. Tobacco is very harmful to your health. With these you will get the same taste and feel and at the same time saves you from many diseases. The smoke generated by these is harmless. An electronic cigarette consists of three main components: a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge. The cartridge contains vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavor and an atomizer vaporizes the liquid.

The cartridge serves as a liquid reservoir and mouthpiece. It allows the passage of liquid to the atomizer and vapor from the atomizer back to the user’s mouth, without leaking liquid into the mouth. The atomizer contains a small heating coil to vaporize the liquid, a simple filament and a silica wick to draw the liquid in. It is positioned in the center of the three components that make up the entire electronic cigarette cylinder, as the cartridge attaches to one end, and the power unit to the other. A cartomizer is the combination of the atomizer and the cartridge in the same unit. The battery is the largest component of e cigarette. It contains lithium ion. Batteries are usually charged via AC outlet, car or USB. Some manufacturers also offer a cigarette-pack-like portable charging case (PCC), which contains a larger battery to charge smaller batteries of individual e-cigarettes. When you switch on the electronic cigarette, it switches on the atomizer and produces a realistic smoke. These are available in different flavors like tobacco, cherry, menthol, vanilla, peach, cappuccino and apple. Non smokers and people who have allergy from nicotine should avoid its use.

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