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What are the best flavoured e-cigarettes?

By February 21, 2017E Cig
E Cig

The best flavoured e-cigarettes will always be a matter of taste. However, if you’re new to using e-cigs then you may be overwhelmed with the different options available. Some flavours will come close to the flavour of regular cigarettes, and in other cases, it is like visiting a candy store. Often, it will depend upon how much and how regularly you use traditional cigarettes. Heavy smokers may need something closer to real cigarettes to ease the transition, where light or social smokers may branch out to other flavours much more quickly.

For heavy or very regular smokers, some e-cigs come in flavours that will mimic the top brands. Keep in mind that the flavour will never be 100% the same. A traditional cigarette has tobacco and some 4000 other chemicals that are released when burned. With an e-cig, you may find that the taste is a bit sweet when you inhale, but when you exhale you will find the flavour similar. Some brands of e-cigarettes also emit much more vapour, creating something similar to the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette.

Once you’ve become accustomed to using an e-cig, and your taste buds regenerate, you could consider trying other flavours. You will undergo many changes as your body expels many of the toxins you have built up. Many e-cig brands produce flavours similar to traditional flavoured cigarettes – mint, coffee and cherry. You never know – you might even enjoy branching out even further. Peach iced tea, chocolate and berry are some common flavours you will find.

For light smokers or social smokers, you may find switching to an e-cig very easy. There will be less reliance on the traditional experiences – the cloud of smoke, the burn in your throat when you inhale, the ashy taste when you exhale. Manufacturers have branched out to create flavours that even include Pumpkin Pie and Piña Colada. Whatever flavour you consider trying, definitely look for a high-quality brand, based on feedback from e-cig users you can find in many forums.

While it is possible to buy e-cig components separately, most starter packs also include a variety of flavours, so it will be easy for you to try a range what a manufacturer has to offer. Finding your favourite flavour should be easy. And starting with a decent kit will help you make the transition with the least fuss. Once you get to know what you like and what you don’t like, check different manufacturers. Often, you can refill the juice in your cartridges with compatible fluids, or even use cartridges from manufacturers who specialize in creating many new and interesting flavours.

Ultimately, whether you prefer a flavour that imitates traditional cigarettes or would like to try something different, there are some advantages to using e-cigs. Without the regular smoke from traditional smoking, you will not have bad lingering smells in your home or on your clothes. And without the tar, you won’t have the stains on your teeth, hands or walls if you smoke indoors. Stick with something simple when you start out, but don’t be afraid to try something new once you’ve fully switched from traditional to e-cigarettes.

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